Scrapbooking won’t be a lasting hobby.

Lately, I’ve been working on a project for years in the making – Scrapbooking keepsakes. When I say keepsakes I’m talking about a marriage certificate from Sadie Hawkins in the 1990s with my friend, New Kids on the Block posters that hung on my walls in the 80’s or Jonathan Taylor Thomas in the early ’90s, fun birthday cards, or Christmas cards I was given, doodles I used to make in high school, set lists from my favorite local bands and flyers and concert tickets and stickers and movie tickets and pogs… yes, I still have some pogs.

I’ve kept all of these things because they bring me happy memories. When I haven’t looked at it in a while and I see some of these things, they bring a smile to my face and so I wanted to put them in binders and albums so I can easily look at them instead of hiding them in boxes under my bed.

But as I’ve been working on them, I find this not so pleasant thought creeping in my brain. “Why”. This is stuff only I would find enjoyable, maybe a friend or someone else who was with me there – but there’s no one to pass this down to, it’s worth nothing monetarily to anyone – it’s just sentimental stuff to me – junk to just about anyone else. So this nagging thought makes me think – is this even worth it or should I just toss it all together.

Life is just fleeting and even if it’ll end up in a dumpster some odd many years from now… It brings me joy in the present.


Nearly 9 years ago I moved to Los Angeles, California with hopes and dreams of adventure.  I didn’t expect to sparkling lights and fame.  I didn’t expect riches or even love.  I just wanted to experience something different, to get...